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Safety First...You have been warned!

Safety First...You have been warned!

Health and safety laws continue to strive to make the world a safer place for everyone in it. One of the repercussions of this is many industries are bound by strict regulation governing what they must and must not do to safeguard individuals' wellbeing - be they employees or members of the public.

Put simply, wherever there is a potential hazard, people need to be made well aware of that fact and all necessary measures must be taken to ensure it poses as little a threat as possible - preferably, none whatsoever.

However, in certain instances, this will not be an option. This is why stringent legislation exists so that wherever potential danger might lurk, clear warnings are in place to alert anyone to the threat.

Companies bound by such health and safety legislation, like those in which workers operate heavy machinery, may find themselves in need of a great number of warnings labels to alert employees to everything from toxic waste and harsh chemicals, to exposed moving parts or electrical equipment.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector in particular is one in which a variety of warning labels may be required, due to the increased number of potential threats to employees that comes with the nature of this line of work. 

Recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that in 2012/13, as many as 17,000 people working in the sector were injured while going about their duties.

Only recently, one of the largest plastic recycling plants in the country - MBA Polymers UK - was fined after a worker sustained a broken arm after it got caught up in machinery. Worksop Magistrates Court found the company had not taken appropriate action to prevent access to dangerous moving parts of its equipment. 

With our design expertise, we are able to produce warning labels both with and without words - depending on what your requirements may be - to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

Electrical Safety
This is one area that is fairly heavily legislated when it comes to safety labels. Therefore, we produce a wide range to suit a variety of applications.

These include labels for cable markers, earth indicators, positive and negative current, electrical phase, fuse ratings, laser safety, electrostatic warnings, plug tops and voltage indicators.

You may also need products to mark items that have met certain requirements or passed regulatory checks, so we can also provide tested electrical equipment markers.

Medical, Hospital and Scientific Equipment
Other industries that are strictly regulated to protect individuals are the hospital, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Firms working in any of the above are likely to find they need a well-stocked supply of various products, such as asset marking, cable, important notice, infusion pump, on-loan, or write and seal labels. 

Similarly, working with chemicals and drugs comes with a wealth of labelling criteria of its own, meaning you are sure to be in need of a reliable source so that you never run out.

Labels en Masse
While it is near-impossible to prevent all accidents from happening, guaranteeing that you have a plentiful stock of all of the safety labels and marking solutions you may require on-hand is arguably an absolute must.

We specialise in manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting warning labels en masse, to ensure you are never without the labels you need to help keep your firm on the right side of the law and make sure individuals are kept safe.